Naturally all horses are born with a hoof capsule that is split in the heel by the frog, which allows the two sides of the hoof can flex in, out, up and down individually.
When I realized this, it became evident to me that the Razer must be made of a flexible material to support these basic movements to stay healthy. The Razer shoe is made with unique flexible tool steel that follows the movements of the hoof capsule yet strong enough to hold its shape once it is fitted to the hoof.
Razer reduces injuries and increases performance.
Razer is thin with a narrow outer rim that easily sinks into the ground surface. This gives the right contact for the frog and sole to the ground, similar to being barefoot. This important ground contakt will unloud the capsule.
Razer natural glide.
Traditional horse shoes abrupt stop.
When I realized that the frog splits the hoof capsule in the back to allow one side to move up while the other moves down it became apparent to me that a shoe had to be designed to coexist with this basic function.
It´s obvious that a hoof must flex to stay healthy.
Razer is therefore made with flexible tool steel that gives the horse a barefoot feel while the shoe protects and supports the hoof making Razer better than barefoot. The hoof glides on the surface during the landing due to its wedge-like shape in the toe. The glide extends the length of the stride and reduced the recoil effect. A thin rounded toe on the shoe is very important for the glide.
RAZER allows the glide to stay healthy
TRADITIONAL SHOE - Abrupt stops when touching the ground increase strain.
Pictures of the flexible hoof
The frog splits the hoof capsule - This will reduce the strain on joints and also balance the landing on uneven ground and in sharp turns.
A hoof must flex natural to stay healthy.

Watch the flexibility of Razer!