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Michael Berg, hovslagarmästaremed forskarbehörighet

Professor Dr. Lars Roepstorf, department of veterinary anatomy and physiology, Swedish Universito of Agricultural Science.


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Modern hovforskning revolutionerar hovvården (pdf)


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Dr Robert Bowker
VMD, PhD, director of the Equine Foot Laboratory at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University

Trimming for a healthy Foot >>

Dr Robert Bowker
Michigan State University


Bild: Hoof Palmar Systems

The Equine Hoof Laboratory >>

-Agreat deal of the recent breakthroughs into the hoof have come from Professor R. Bowker. Dr Bowker is a neurobiologist, professor of veterinary Medicine and a Biochemist at Michigan University.

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Hovens anatomi och form


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Forskning kring hälta

Eventing horses >>

Professional farrier Stephen Teichman has worked on the highest caliber Three-Day Eventing horses, many of which have been Olympic competitors.
His clientele have taken him to the last five Olympic Games.

Three‐Day Eventing Horses Greatly Benefitted by Propad Frog Support >>


Laminitis in one million years old horse fossil >>


One foot for all Seasons >>


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