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Barrelhorses cutting half second
of time >>



Craig Johnson use Razershoes on Reininghorses >>

- I believe the Razer shoe will provide the traction and protection needed for the Reining horse athlete, without hindering the true function of the horse’s foot.


Gary vickers Mounted Shooter running with Razershoes >>



Razershoe improve Steerwrestling horse`s performance >>

I absolutely Love them! >>


"Running with Razer shoes has helped my mare with confidence, providing that much needed traction around the barrel. We’ve also noticed that since she’s worn Razers and Propads, her recovery time, in and out of the arena, has really improved."
- Maci Hale


“We started using Razer shoes on a mare that my daughter rides, owned by Michele McLeod. Due to her confirmation, she was prone to being sore in her shoulders. We noticed an immediate improvement in her runs after making the switch to Razer shoes. She went from running in the top of the 3D to running top of the 2D and even hitting the 1D occasionally. Thank you Razer for helping us get this mare running comfortably and at the top of her game”.
Kristen Daniels, Karsyn’s mom