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Razer shoes are made of a special tempered tooled steel that allows the shoe to flex to support the natural movements of the hoof.


The Razer concept was designed to mimic the natural function of the hoof while offering the protection needed for today’s performance horses. This flexible tool steel was developed specifically for the Razer shoe concept

The shoes were developed in Sweden in 2003 and have been the leading edge in the Standardbred racing industry.


The technology was brought to the United States in 2005 to the American Standardbred racing industry.

In 2012, the shoe was redesigned. The toe was rounded and a rounded rim was added to enhance traction while reducing stress and the shape was redesigned to fit various horses and while still having all the flexibility of the original design.


Razer shoes come in a front (RW) and hind (SP) version. The hind is a popular choice for Standardbred horses. Razer’s special tempered steel is almost as light as aluminium and much stronger than traditional steel shoes.

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Razer shoes have the same narrow web as the hoof wall, with a smooth

outer rim. The outer rim of the shoe sinks into the ground in the same way

that the hoof wall does. The ground is compressed under the hoof,

and the horse gets an effective grip like barefoot,

with added traction benefits from the checking pattern on the shoe.

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